The roots of medical sciences date back to unknown times throughout the glorious history of Armenia and its nation. Higher medical schools in Armenia existed since untold times where medical sciences were taught together with the Philosophy and Natural Sciences.

Hence, the Armenian nation, having medical institutions and schools in Middle Ages, would think of establishing new ones if not renovating those remaining. Such opportunity was granted to Armenians during the period of the first Armenian Republic. After the disastrous and devastating calamities at the beginning of the 20thcentury there was urgency for qualified medical specialists and physicians as well as paramedical staff in Armenia.

According to the decree of the Armenian Parliament a medical school was opened on the 9th of November 1920. The academic curricula and programs were corresponding to those of higher educational institutions. Yet there were no means and possibilities for implementing the mentioned educational projects. There were no essential criteria and conditions to provide continuing education; meanwhile the training of medical specialists brought forward numerous complications.

It was of paramount importance to found higher medical institution taking into consideration the disasters of that period. Below appears the glimpse of the history of medical institution’s foundation.

Armenian youth was enrolled in the studies of a non-state Transcaucasian University to investigate new frontiers of professional knowledge and experience before having a higher educational institution in Armenia. Almost the half of the students were Armenians; approximately 700 people. The number of Armenian professors being of Armenian nationality was as well great.

The Parliament of the first Republic of Armenia paid great attention to the development of country’s cultural life in line with the principal challenges. On 25th of January 1919 there was a summit at the Ministry of RA Education devoted to the urgency of transferring the non-state Transcaucasian University from Tbilisi to Yerevan. In 1919 May 16 RA Board of Ministers passed a decree in the 4th point of which the following is read:

“To found a university in Yerevan consisting of four departments, namely:

  • historical-linguistic,
  • economic-law,
  • medical,
  • physical-mathematical with technical subdivision”

The memorable inaugural ceremony of the university opening was held on January 31 of 1920. This resulted in putting the organization of health care on ground basis as well as fostering the development of medical sciences in Armenia fending for the nation could have highly qualified medical service.There was no need for Armenians to leave for Russia or various European countries for their education was already being organized in RA aiming at preparing and training medical specialists applicable to the essentials of the time. The foundation of the medical facility was on time and certainly contributing to the needs of Armenian people.

The initial date of medical school’s foundation was considered to be the year of 1922 so far. Whereas a law existed before 1919 about founding a higher educational institution: the inauguration of which proved the law applicability a year later.

Taking into account identity new evidence the foundation date of Yerevan State Medical University will be 1920 hereinafter, meanwhile the celebration of the 90th anniversary of our medical university was held in 2010.