Within the framework of the conference “Science Week 2017” Youth Scientific Day will be held on 28 November at Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi.

During YSD You can enjoy

  • Scientific presentations
  • Inspirational lectures
  • Case reports
  • Poster presentations

The best presentations of case reports or research work will be awarded special prizes.

The Youth Scientific Day aims at popularization of science, development of science culture among young doctors and promoting active involvement in scientific activities. Participating in Youth Scientific Day you will be more informed about scientific activities in Armenia. This is a chance to get advice and your portion of inspiration from best Armenian scientists on how to become a true scientist.

Who can apply for

  • Residents
  • PhD students
  • Young scientists
  • Young doctors

Abstract Requirements

How To Write A Case-Report

Abstract and case submission deadline is October 13

Submit your abstract here  

For more information you can contact with us.


Phone number: +37493117355