All abstracts must be submitted until mentioned dates.
Early abstract submission deadline: October 13
Abstracts will be selected on the basis of following criteria
• The medical or scientific significance.
• The quality of the data.
• A compliance of the methods to the claimed scientific problems.
• The importance of results and the quality of its interpretation.All accepted abstracts should be presented either oral or poster presentation.Abstracts should be prepared according to the following instructions:

Abstract Content

Each abstract should include:
1. Title
2. Authors
3. Keywords
4. Background
5. Methods
6. Results
7. Conclusion
8. Discussion (optional)
9. References (optional)

The character allowance for the abstract title is maximum 100, including spaces. Title should be in upper case letters.
Title should clearly describe the subject of the abstract.

The maximum character allowance for the body of the abstract is 3000, including spaces.

The maximum number of authors is 10.
Author information and affiliation must be included in the abstract.

Up to 5 keywords should be included in the abstract.

Background should answer to question why the study was conducted.

This part should describe methods and processes in detail.

Results should describe what you found. The included data can be presented in a diagrams or tables.

What can be concluded from the results?

The significance of results and what should be done further?

[Authors N.N. Surname]. [Article Title]. [Journal Title]. [Year of publishing]. [Vol.]. [Pages]

Additional information
Abstract text that is under copyright by a publication or another conference should not be submitted.

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